Head of Motion Graphics, Art Director, Senior Graphic & Motion Designer

I am currently Head of Motion Graphics for News UK, Art Director and multi-skilled Senior Designer with over 14 years of experience,  specialising in digital design, 2D and 3D motion graphics, augmented/virtual reality and have successfully directed multiple design teams (teams as large as 30+ designers) across multiple countries (US and the UK) for over 5 years.

Please check out my collection of work on this site, for special access to some of my most exciting work in progress, please email me at ardw.gardner@googlemail.com



Aaron is the most innovative designer I have ever worked with.

No challenge is too daunting for him, be it creating animated graphics for digital TV shows to transforming Snap channels.

Every project I’ve ever worked with Aaron on has been delivered to the highest standard.


Mark Hudson, Creative Director, News UK




Aaron is that rare breed of outrageously talented and yet incredibly humble.


His design skill is second only to his commitment to his team.

I have known him as a vital team member as well as a confident leader and he excelled at both. I am always looking for ways that our paths might cross again as working with him is a real pleasure.

Sophie Tighe, Head of Instagram and Snapchat, LADbible

Aaron is a brilliant designer and motion graphics artist. 


Adaptable, speedy and with a wide range of motion

and design skills. I've always been very pleased with his work.

Derek Brown, Executive Creative Director, News UK



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