The Sun Showbiz Show

Branding and on-screen graphics

Showbiz Show Board copy.jpg

I was the art director tasked with building the brand for a Snap TV show called  "The Sun Showbiz Show".

The show needed an overall colour scheme, logo, lower thirds, intro, wipes, outro animation, flat vector versions of the logo and an animated background for green screen footage.

Using Cinema 4D, Photoshop and illustrator I constructed the 3D logo, flat logo, intro animations, wipes and lower thirds.

The logo and colour scheme had to be youthful to attract a younger audience of 14-25. It also had to reflect The Sun's tone. I chose purple to coincide with The Sun's Showbiz section (which is also purple) but boosted the saturation levels up to give it more of a youthful feel to the design.

I used the font Avenir Next to match the style of The Sun on Snapchat's discover channel to give it more on integrated feel as well as using 3D text and lighting in Cinema 4D to add more a professional look and feel.